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Welcome To FLO

We are proud to offer local support and resources to you and your family during the school year.

FLO Mission Statement

FLO (Flexible Learning Opportunities) promotes success for all students who learn differently through parent education, support and advocacy. FLO is a support group for parents who have “unique” learners, students who show variation in areas such as giftedness, attention, memory, speech and language, auditory, visual, or sensory processing, organization, motor skills, behavior and social skills.

Founded in the Spring of 2010, FLO was created to offer a variety of support, educational programming and resources to parents over the course of the school year.

FLO believes that it takes a village to ensure our childrens’ academic and social success, where parents, teachers and administrators work collaboratively and communicate consistently. If students are to thrive, effective communication between parents and their childrens’ educational team needs to be the norm, not the exception.

FLO Support Group

FLO will provide a parent forum several times a year in a private residence for families who:

  • Would like to connect with other families who have children that receive services in the district
  • Don’t qualify for services, but feel that their child’s needs aren’t being met

FLO committee members will support parents whose childrens’ academic and/or social needs are not currently being met.

FLO Speaker Series

  • Educational speaker series for parents provided by the FLO executive committee and supported by PTOs at RVSD sites.